refugee and immigrant stories from cincinnati

2016 Reflection

What a year it’s been for Heartfelt Tidbits. We experienced a great deal of antagonism towards our agency and the clients that we support along with an outpouring of love. To say it was an easy year would be lying. As the executive director, it was one of the toughest we’ve experienced and yet the most fulfilling.

As I was putting the video together from the countless pictures we’ve taken, I felt blessed.  Blessed to have so many wonderful friends, cherished moments and laughter.  I’ve gained my strength from those in this video.  They provide the purpose, reason and strength I need to get through those tough times.  I realize and don’t take for granted that what I see as a tough journey isn’t anything compared to the steps they’ve taken to arriving in the USA and commitment they’ve made to start over in a world unknown.  Without our partners, board and volunteers we wouldn’t exist.  They’re the encouragement I need to keep pushing further beyond my reach while knowing they’re walking alongside of me each step of the way.

It has been a year of speaking out ….

In 2016 we recognized our need to support our newest neighbors was needed more than ever.

Success continued..

Where we are headed in 2017..

I would like to say thank you to all of the partners, donors, volunteers, our Board and clients for your ongoing support, continuing to share love and laughter each and every day!

Wishing you nothing but the BEST, LOVE and JOY in 2017!

Sheryl Rajbhandari